The Aesthete

Shock Star

Ramp up your inner rebel as Uranus Stations Direct

by Shelley L. Ackerman

“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”

That gem by Rumi, which was posted this week on a Facebook friend’s page, was a reminder of the value of always expecting the best and of seeking it in others, despite what the “If it bleeds, it leads” tabloid culture plasters on its front pages.

All things being equal, one might have hoped for more positives during Sagittarius month. After all, the generally wise and upbeat fire sign is about optimism, expansion, story-telling, philosophy, humor and joy. But alongside the positive there is the shadow side to every sign, planetary placement and aspect, and Sagittarius can be boastful, full of the blarney, overblown, culturally partisan, a self-righteous purveyor of propaganda and an insensitive prankster.

This week, an unsuspecting India-born British subject was the victim of a prank gone awry by two juvenile Australian radio hosts who called King Edward VII Hospital in London. Pretending to be The Queen and Prince Philip checking in on the condition of the Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton), who was being treated for acute morning sickness, they reached nurse Jacintha Saldanha. A recording of the goofy call, in which the nurse “bought” the hoax and connected the two through to Kate’s private nurse, was then played all over the world, humiliating the 46-year-old married nurse (and mother of two) who then took her own life the next day.

True, we know precious little about the private life and circumstances of nurse Saldanha and how fragile she might have been for whatever reason. Nor can we fully blame Mel Greig and Michael Christian, the two ratings-seeking Aussies who thought this was a good idea, after all, since the rise of shock-jock Howard Stern in the 80s, nothing is off limits, nor is their no limit to bad taste. But releasing the recording was a bad move and showed very poor judgment on the part of the radio station, 2DayFM’s management.

The sign of Sagittarius asks moral and ethical questions: At what point (if any) do we question and curtail freedom of speech? Should freedom of the press trump the safety and survival of those who actually make the news? Do publishers and programmers have a moral obligation to keep to a high standard of news gathering, or does reality of bringing in revenue regardless of if that comes by way of pandering to the lowest common denominator trump unbiased reporting? It is a well-known fact that the fear-mongering of right-wing shows (i.e. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh) brings in infinitely more dollars than does NPR, WNET, PBS or the first-rate reporting of Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman.

On Monday evening, Mercury re-enters Sagittarius and makes the same aspect it did to Neptune as it did on October 30th and November 14th. More on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and how to pay for the damage will surely be put forth. The planet Uranus stations direct (at 4 Aries 37) on Thursday, and wherever that takes place in your chart there may be abrupt and surprising activity. Uranus embodies innovative, rebellious and surprising energy, and the “station” (standstill before a change in direction) emphasizes the buzz. Watch for possible computer glitches or more “flying off the handle” behavior than unusual. Avoid high-strung people if you can (that narrows it down, doesn’t it?).

And finally, coinciding with the Uranus station, there’s a new moon on Thursday at 21 Sagittarius 45. The Sabian symbol for that particular degree is “A Chinese Laundry.” indicative of the way in which those (like nurse Jacintha) from other counties have to make their way economically in a new culture. Perhaps as we buy our newspapers, magazines and Tic-Tacs from the new Americans at the newsstands, we’ll be more sensitive to what it takes for them to make a go of it in New York.


ARIES: A revival meeting of sorts is taking place from deep within your soul, and the excitement you exude as a result is downright contagious. If life is all about timing, intention, asking the right questions and then continuously refining them, the growth spurt launched within this seven-day period could be monumental. So here’s the query: How will you best use your newfound strength and influence? Yep, it’s that big.

ARIES Go To: The son of a Polish-born computer analyst for NASA, Aries rocker Ric Ocasek of The Cars will be interviewed by James Truman on December 13th at Barnes & Noble at Union Square. Ocasek will sign his new book, Lyrics and Prose.

TAURUS: Rays of sunshine and a sense of optimism will revitalize the financial outlook in the days ahead and what seemed impossible yesterday will not only enter the realm of the possible but the probable by week’s end. If a partner (or spouse) has been undervalued, that too will be a thing of the past as they may get a raise or secure a new and/or better deal at a bank or with investments. Ones that you’re in on together should be re-evaluated and new moves considered. The only caveat: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

TAURUS Go To: Feast your eyes and fill your tummy on the Christmas Lights and Cannoli Tour through December 30th. Known for the most lavish holiday displays in the country, this 3½-hour tour through Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge Brooklyn is a must on everyone’s bucket list. The tour meets and board in Manhattan at Union Square. 

GEMINI: There are new partners, new relationships, new social opportunities and unsettling but ultimately welcome movement in the friends department — so why aren’t you smiling? Sometimes things need to pop on an energetic level and in the ethers before all the changes you long for manifest fully on the physical plane. What will help this new chapter along is for you to genuinely make an effort to understand where those special “others” in your life are coming from. Once you get what truly motivates the ones you count as intimates and accept their core truth(s), you’ll be disappointed less and free to enjoy each and every one of them that much more.

GEMINI Go To: You can either tell those who bitch about your dual nature where to go or invite them to join the both of you on Wednesday, December 12th, for a special performance of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater at Symphony Space. The choice is yours. 

CANCER: When you think about it, you often learn the most from the people you work with or who work for you. They seem to always act as your finest teachers, come up with a referral or give the best piece of information just when needed, so for heaven’s sake, stop taking any of them for granted. On this week’s new moon in your 6th house, you may be blessed with one or more inspiring new cast members who will populate your day-to-day and/or a refreshing shift in your routine. This coincides with a big awakening on the career front — one that will motivate and energize a partner as well. It’s all good.

CANCER Go To: Your 6th house of health and routine knows all too well that laughter is the best medicine and so spot on during holiday stress. From December 13th to 15th, Mario Cantone at the Gotham Comedy Club will make you laugh till it hurts. 

LEO: The adage “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person” fits you to a T these days, but honestly, would you have it any other way? Thursday’s new moon (egged on by Mercury and Venus) in your 5th house of amusement prompts a cavalcade of invites to dinners, soirees and galas of all shapes and sizes, making it tough to deliver on work that is due. While burning the candle at both ends can be a gas, saving some of your life force for later in the month might be the way to go. Surprising developments on the legal front and/or involving a maverick type from another culture or country could change the course of the entire saga.

LEO Go To: Nostalgic, theatrical and fun events for solar types are featured at The Merchant House on E. 4th Street. The Rockin’ Round the Christmas Tree 1950s Holiday Party is on December 12th from 6:30-8:30 p.m., and Cocktails and Cartoons: Christmas Classics from the 1950s is offered December 15th and 21st. The exhibit, From Candlelight to Bubble Lite A 1950s Christmas in an 1850s Holiday Home runs through January 7th. 

VIRGO: After weeks of demanding and even wrenching exchanges between yourself, neighbors and/or siblings, the uplifting change of pace that will occur over the course of the next several days will be a welcome one. Despite Uranus turning direct in your 8th house of sex and shared resources (which could manifest as an abrupt but positive change in direction with an investment firm or a lender), the New Moon in your 4th house (and Mercury and Venus heading there, too) could signal a few weeks of joyful events and expansion where you live. Home is where the art is. 

VIRGO Go To: Get into the holiday spirit on Sunday evening December 16th and let fellow Virgo Jose Feliciano light your fire with his Feliz Navidad Show at BB King’s on W. 42nd St.

LIBRA: If the cat has had your tongue of late, know that that feline will vanish in a flash and your chatty, effervescent self will reemerge in time for this week’s fiery awakening in your communicative 3rd house. So if a script has run dry, fret not; the Inspiration downloaded on Thursday’s new moon will revive your connection to siblings (who, going forward, may be in a much better mood), your neighborhood and most of all to your sweet self. Learn a new language and throw yourself into expressing something you’re passionate about. A partner or BFF may surprise you with an unexpected move. Take it in stride; it’s all part of the plan.

LIBRA Go To: The upbeat infusion of Sagittarian energy in your city-centric 3rd house is almost to much to contain, so why even try? Love your city to the hilt every day this week and next at the 23 days of Flatiron Cheer on 23rd St. There’s the Ugly Sweater Contest on Tuesday the 11th, the Holiday Postcard Distribution (14th), Face-painting (15th) and more. Check the calendar for dates, times and locations.

SCORPIO: Your 2nd house of income is about to get an exciting shot in the arm: On Thursday’s new moon, know that money-camp for you must align with the ethics, morals, values and “laws” that you hold dear. In other words, money is never just about the money, and to make it work, ya gotta show them what you love. On another front, a co-worker or someone in a service position is restless and could suddenly make his or her presence known: A mini eruption may disrupt your routine and will serve as a reminder that no one is completely predictable, and it’s best to not take those on whom you depend on in your day-to-day for granted.

SCORPIO Go To: To offset the heaviness of Saturn and bask in the jubilatory buzz of the above-referenced Sagittarian New Moon, get to the December 13th Beer and Latkes Celebration at 92Y in Tribeca. No ordinary latkes (potato pancakes) and beers will be served and the dreidel spinning alone is worth the trek to Hudson St. Starts at 7 p.m.

SAGITTARIUS: “When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing respect for the law,” so said early 19th-century French theorist Frederic Bastiat. You’ve no choice but to hit ”delete” and then the reset button. Thursday’s new moon in your sign strikes the set and sets off a series of awakenings. On the days that follow, you are able to rework your raison d’ētre and worldview into a structure that makes more sense and is better suited to support you. As Uranus turns direct in your celebratory 5th house of speculation, thrilling, creative and romantic possibilities enliven your spirit.

SAGITTARIUS Go To: So many sweets, so little time…even trying to contain yourself is a futile waste of time, so what the hell, give into it on Sunday, December 16th at the Chocolate World Expo at the Lexington Avenue Armory. More than 60 vendors of goodies, wines and craft beers and a live tribute to the Beatles will be performed by Ob-La-Di at 1:30 and 4:30 p.m.

CAPRICORN: Even if you can’t put your finger on it, the excitement you’re feeling IS real. So much of value and of meaning is happening on your inner planes of existence and in your dream life. But these are as real and as tangible as if they’re taking place in physical form. You more than anyone know that it’s first the thought, and then the thing. The message for this week: Illumination from Within. On a practical note, unpredictable Uranus stations in your 4th house on Wednesday/Thursday, so watch the electricals and any unruly types in and around the home.

CAPRICORN Go To: There’s no shortage of awesome, inspiring and historically-rich events and goings on at The Morgan Library and Museum at 225 Madison Ave. There are gallery talks, caroling, the display of Charles Dickens’ original 1843 manuscript of A Christmas Carol, a glorious assortment of Holiday Americana and the gift shop gems. It’s a treasure trove for the Capricorn traditionalist. 

AQUARIUS: You’ll have an exhilarating rebirth in the friends department and a surprising infusion of good will. Just when you thought you had a specific group all figured out and/or have been contemplating releasing one or more members of a particular cabal, a moment of redemption: Thursday’s new moon delivers an upbeat reminder that most folks are in fact capable of growth and deserve a second chance. Having one’s faith in mankind renewed is a super holiday gift. One word of caution: Watch your step and stay present when walking in the hood: slippery manholes and/or a distracted pedestrian in a rush could throw you, so from Wednesday to Friday be the eyes and ears of everyone within 15 feet. 

AQUARIUS Go To: Shopping for cool, fashionable, fair-trade (and recycled) items locally to aid women globally is where it’s at this one-day Global Pop-Up on Tuesday, December 11th from 6-9 p.m. at The Gershwin Hotel on E. 27th St. Complimentary cocktails will be served. The feel good global vibe and up to 50 percent off of items from Asia, Africa and the Far East through December 30th may also be found and enjoyed on Rivington Street at Leekan Designs. An hour or two there sure beats the 24-hour flight to Tibet, and it’s a heck of lot cheaper. 

PISCES: Crazy and counterintuitive as it seems for your professional life to be accelerating at this time of year, you’d better brace yourself to meet the additional demands on your time. “The Beginning is Near” read one clever sandwich board donned by a Wall Street occupier, and that’s the perfect image for Thursday’s new moon in your career-centric 10th house: Get your ducks in a row and your divine self organized and ready to take the action you’ve been mulling over for months. Venus joins the Sagittarius party late on Saturday adding allure, magnetism and sweetness to the mix. Truth be told, what ensues work-wise will be much more exciting and rewarding than any same-old, same-old holiday party.

PISCES Go To: Rescheduled after Hurricane Sandy, the “brilliantly theatrical” Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal is at The Joyce Theater December 13th to 15th. Their presentation, Night Box, “combines classical ballet and street dance, and explores love, loss, sexuality and joy.”